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Nancy Economou (CEO of Watts of Love)

Nancy Economou

CEO of Watts of Love

Nancy Economou embodies leadership, innovation, and advocacy as the founder and CEO of Watts of Love, a global nonprofit dedicated to empowering the nearly 1 billion people living without electricity with solar light and financial literacy training.

In 2009, Nancy, a stay-at-home mom at the time, embarked on a transformative journey during a trip to the Philippines, igniting her passion to effect change. Over the past fifteen years, her visionary leadership has propelled Watts of Love to reach 54 nations, distributing over 100,000 solar lights and positively impacting 700,000 lives.

Nancy's groundbreaking solution to end poverty lies in her creation and patent of a groundbreaking solar light—a durable, long-lasting innovation that has become a beacon of hope for countless families. Through an innovative educational model, she empowers communities to leverage newfound resources, redirecting 30% of income previously spent on batteries or kerosene towards family advancement. Watts of Love exemplifies how access to sustainable energy and financial literacy can be the catalyst for ending the cycle of poverty within a single generation.

As a captivating public speaker, Nancy shares her journey, inspiring audiences to envision and actualize their own dreams. Drawing from her experiences as both a CEO and a mother of five, she instills courage and determination, urging individuals to embrace their dreams with unwavering tenacity. Nancy echoes the sentiment that each dream bears purpose, encouraging others never to surrender to adversity.